What is UAV Mission Planner?

UAV is short for unmanned aerial vehicle but you more likely know it by the term drone. UAV’s are useful and they can do tasks autonomously and operate in environments unsafe for people. However, The issue of privacy is a hot topic with UAV’s and that’s definitely an important ongoing discussion.

We focused on the utility that these machines bring to the table and decided to develop a system to make a UAV fly over an area and do its best to see as much as of that area as it can so that we can find out more about that area.


Our mission planner uses Math to come up with a path that a UAV can follow to cover as much of an area as it can.

For technical persons or just anyone with an interest to know more, you can check out the final report.

See It In Action

Google Maps integration in our web interface provides accurate map data which we use to make user input just that much easier and to drive our algorithm.

Our algorithm precomputes the entire mission plan ahead of time in order to save on silicon and power in the UAV in the field and we also use this information to present the user with an animation of the fly over before deployment.